A native French actress to improvise in a ADR loop session? I love ensemble work. Or to re-voice a part into French or English? Oui!
I’m experienced in all things post-sync and work on films and series for the French-speaking and International markets.

If you’re after a versatile voice that can also speak in Standard American or RP… My accents are warmed-up and ready to go.
And piccolo bonus: I speak Spanish and Italian too.

Dubbing and ADR credits:

Crowd looping, Mrs Harris Goes to Paris (2022), Blend Audio
Crowd looping, Thirteen Lives (2022), Blend Audio, Twickenham Studios
Crowd looping, Opération Fortune, ruse de Guerre (2022), Blend Audio
Crowd looping, Hanna season 2, Synch or Swim
Patty, Ladies in Black (2019), FDR
Crowd looping, War of the Worlds, Sync or Swim, Urban Myth, Films-Canal +
Concubine Jo, Rampant (2018), FDR
Molly, Phil (2019), FDR
Crowd looping, Resistance (2019), Sync or Swim, Ingenious Film Partners
Andjela, South Wind (2018)
Jadwiga, Werewolf (Wilkolak 2018)
Trish, No Such Thing as Housewives (2017)
Lydia Nolan and Trudy Harrison, The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (2018), ITV
Mimoun and Piglet, Super Miss! (Superjuffie, 2018), eOne
Principal, Maria Wern Season 6, episode 5-6 (2018), TV4 Sweden
Pierce, Bernie le dauphin (Bernie the dolphin, 2018), AIC Studios
Crowd looping, Bastille Day (2016), Studio Canal
Babette, Christmas in Ballsam Falls (An Evergreen Christmas 2014), Wonderstar Productions
Allison, Five Thirteen, (2014) UPL Films

My other services