Stage and screen actress

Leonor is a multilingual actress who grew up speaking French, English and Spanish between France and Ecuador.
She took her first steps on stage at the Studio 34 theatre school in Paris and later came to London to train for another three years at the Central School of Speech and Drama.
Since graduating, she has worked on a wide range of theatre and film projects in the UK, France and Europe. She is also the co-founder of Two Tongue Theatre, a London-based company that creates original bilingual theatre.

Representation: Frances Phillips Agency
Phone: 020-8953 0303, E-mail: frances@francesphillips.co.uk

For Leonor’s full CV and acting news please visit her Spotlight page.









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  • Le Big Bang blows my mind... I'm delighted to have narrated the French version of this very cool app with… https://t.co/YGsbZm6Q1n

    Leonor Lemee about 8 days ago
  • @Channel4News Quite ironic that this guy's last name means 'french', in medieval French... But even that era is more modern than his views!

    Leonor Lemee about 9 days ago
  • @CasparSalmon Hahaha! It's more the minor 'parisian' characters that bothered me...

    Leonor Lemee about 10 days ago
  • @SaxonKate @SideGlobal @Sini_in_Studio Thanks! Looking forward to it.

    Leonor Lemee about 11 days ago
  • @SideGlobal @SaxonKate @Sini_in_Studio Thanks ladies, that was great! Where's part 2 ? 🙂

    Leonor Lemee about 11 days ago